General information

Networking is essential to the effective delivery of lifelong learning!


Within networks you can learn from each other and widen your horizons. You do this by sharing information, ideas and contacts. Whilst maximising resources, in order to save time and money for the mutual benefits of partners, you get more for less. A successful network will enable members to call on other partners for support, inspiration and motivation. This will help them to identify and develop new opportunities, mutual interests and good practice, and/or overcome particular problem areas. Working together network members will be able to better address and fulfil needs and influence decision makers. A network could be a partnership, cooperation, a list of contacts, cluster etc., it could be long or short term, formal or informal, and at local, national or international level.

Who is this site for and what does it do?

People who want to set up a new network, people who are already running a network.
People who want to share good practice or learn from others.

This site aims to help you to find innovative solutions to common networking problems. By pooling efforts and resources, we have collected and developed a wide range of tools and best practices.

Who we are?

We are part of the transnational EQUAL-partnership "Bridges over borders", which includes representatives from: Austria, Czech Republic, England, Germany and Hungary. The overall aim of "Bridges over borders" is to develop an integrated approach to problems of participation in lifelong learning activity.