People Bingo

  • Before the meeting you need to contact each delegate and ask them to provide you with a personal secret about themselves which no one else at the meeting i likely to know

  • You will then need to develop a template with a separate space for each delegate. In this space you will enter their individual secrets with a gab to input the relevant delegates name.

  • When delegates arrive at the meeting you will give them each a template and ask them to enter their name at the top

  • You will then encourage them to interact with other delegates to try to identify whose secrets are displayed, they then need to enter the relevant name in the space provided for each secret on the template.

  • Once they have completed all the spaces they need to hand the form to a designated person, the first fully completed template with all the correct answers wins.

  • You must check that all expected delegates are in attendance, if not you need to remove their secrets from the exercise.

  • It is recommende that you provide a prize for the winner

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